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 Government CRM Software Evolution

 Phase V Continuous Process Improvement | Stabilize, Optimize and Refine

Your system should evolve as your organization evolves. Once into a production environment, we recommend post-implementation reviews and system usage checks at least every six months in order to evaluate how the system has addressed specific goals and objectives as well as to evaluate the technical and functional use of the system. An objective measurement can be used to further tailor the system for greater efficiencies and user satisfaction. Key metrics to be analyzed and measured during post-implementation reviews include the following:

  • Comparison, measurement and verification for each stakeholder group objectives
  • Comparison and verification against critical success factors
  • User-based system utilization metrics (transactions entered per user, time incurred per user)
  • Verification of new software benefits stemming from new version upgrades
  • Verification of Second Wave benefits
  • Assembly of internal advisory group and participation of vendor's user group

Virtually all government agencies face the challenge of moving to an efficient customer-oriented model in order to compete in the new millennium. CRM is an outstanding instrument to effect this change. However CRM is more than a set of technologies. It is a strategy designed to create more efficient and effective constituent relationships through the integration of multiple channels and cross departmental activity. Executed effectively, CRM maximizes the customer value for constituents, internal customers and external customers. In order to succeed, government must recognize the total CRM equation and then design, implement and manage their solution and re-align their people, processes and technology to the new customer-driven paradigm.

Continuous improvement proverb: "Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things." Peter F. Drucker

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