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Local, state and federal governments have embraced enterprise CRM to facilitate citizen-centric government, deliver business process automation, decrease costs, improve efficiencies, and contribute to their core mission. In the public sector CRM either stands for Customer Relationship Management or Constituent Relationship Management depending upon who you talking to. While the public sector has not settled on a universal definition for the government CRM acronym, government has clearly endorsed the CRM business strategy and CRM software applications as the tool to achieve that strategy. Government CRM software has many uses, including contact management, outreach programs, constituent relationship management, citizen self service, case management, incident management, economic growth and development, trade promotion, event management, project management and 311 call centers to name a few. This web site discusses many of the uses and applications of government CRM software programs and provides recommendations along with a public forum regarding software selection, software implementation and information about the market leading government CRM software manufacturers.

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